Small Worlds Within Worlds Of Our Own

Catalans have started to move about on their roof line terraces here in Girona. Potted plants and plastic furniture are being dusted down ready for the long summer season through to mid-October. I naturally prefer my own world to this harsh reality, and have decided to try, and no doubt fail, to put together a Catalan comedy writing and performing group that might use a few of my spare 203 comedy sketches. I’m not sure whether in this small world whether the art of playing something as if it isn’t funny to make it funnier will take, but I think it’s a niche I can amply fill, and it will make a change for Catalans to find what I do unfunny, rather than just British people. After all this is now my home. Anyway, which is sigui com sigui in Catalan, the times we are stuck in seem determined on staying dismal, and so another of my expansive positive projects is a crowdfunding idea for Barnsley, to reflect the fact it was one of the places that voted most to leave the European Union in the referendum. The idea is to give two Barnsley teenagers the chance to travel around Europe for two months before going to university, though I will have to act quickly before the UK regime bans state school students from the North of England from going to University entirely, rather than leaving it to extortionate fees to put them in their place. Tinkerty-tonk!


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