Gogol in Brexitland

Gogol stuck in the UK of 2018 would feel perfectly at home – A prime Minister masquerading a s Nose. David Davis’ Brexit negotiation diary that of a madman with no interest in connecting to what looks increasingly like reality. There is something very mid-nineteenth century Russian about the whole set up. Nothing adds up. 52% of people deluded on the grandest of scales behave as if nothing is the matter. As a Civil Cold War in the country starts to look long term 317 divided Tory MP’s start to get herded into a smaller and smaller space until the only thing left for them to do is to apply leeches to Liam Fox’s nose and pour cold water over his head. Funny though this is, and let’s hope it gets a lot funnier, the down side to this nose dive is that it affects me.  Here on my Catalan estates I am having to think about if I ‘m going to get treated like a Canadian. I suppose I could resort to a Franz Liszt Triangular tour – Girona, Perpignan, Switzerland or some such. Anyway, I do have a plan even though I am still hoping that the beneficial positive common-sense solution for the country of staying right where it is might reluctantly and as a last resort be taken. But I bet I can rely on the present excuse for a conservative government not doing that, otherwise what is it for?


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