Money Laundering

I’ve been dealing with money lately. Unusual for me as I don’t usually have any. “What are you using the money for, and where has it come from?” are questions you get asked these days about your own money these days. “None of your business,” seems the right answer. But they have to ask for money laundering reasons is their mantra. Not that anyone who is money laundering would be doing it this way. They would be doing it in a way that wasn’t asked such inpertinent questions.

The implication is that we are the criminals, which we realise only too well. Those two specialists in the discipline, banks and goverments insist we are, so it must be true. I actually have a perfectly legitimate Spanish bank account called my own account, where using common sense they don’t ask such questions of ordinary customers. But Britsh bank employees have common sense beaten out of them at an early stage by management and senior management to facilitate the exchange of binary code between the units. Maybe I’ll just transfer my money to Spain and other EU countries using and avoid both the questions and the charges.


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