Forsooth, by my troth.

As I was reading Twelfth Night, (I’m that kind of person), I thought;

‘It’s great, but these words and phrases which don’t mean much to modern ears kind of take the wind out of the old sails.’

So I thought I would get to grips with a few of them, something which may interest the kind of person who visits these rambles. (But don’t forget to buy the books as well fellow skinflints)

Forsooth – Indeed.

i faith – Indeed, truly.

By my troth – Honestly, as in, honestly I wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

Hold thy peace – Keep quiet.

Fie – Get away, as in ‘you’re not serious.’

Marry – By Mary, something like ‘Good Heavens.’

Prithee – Pray thee – an interesting one, as when someone says ‘Don’t you think?’ after making a very doubtful proposal. Imagine a UKIP voter in Clacton saying ‘We should start hanging children, don’t you think?’ To which the answer is, ‘No.’

Pox on’t and Plague on’t – Curse it.

Entreat – Persuade, negotiate.

How Now? – How are you doing?

Accost – Approach.

Sirrah – ‘Boy’, talking to someone of inferior rank.

Soft – wait a minute.

Anon – Soon, as in, see you soon.

Attend – Many meanings such as, wait, accompany, consider, pay attention.

There are lots more, but I’m interested in such things rather than obsessed by them. If you want to know more you will have to look into it yourself.


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