A Game Of Two Halves

Faced with putting a play on in Girona I had the problem of finding two English speakers to read through the text dramatically for 18th June 2015. So using my extensive network of people in the know I ended up doing it myself, and my world stage debut was set for two months time with Duncan Stewart, the well known computer programmer originally from Thames Ditton playing opposite me. The Catalan version of ‘A Game Of Two Halves’being already secure with Ramon Pujol and Alba Cabrera playing the parts. Duncan and I get on, but would we get on 3 times a week for 2 hours at a time reading through the text? I am pleased to say the answer was yes and on the night we gave our best performance, reminding me of the Roman adage, ‘make drill like battle and battle will become drill.’ Am I going to become an actor? No. I have got to a stage in life where youthful enthusiasm is easily sidestepped, but I know if I have to I can.


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