Be The Media

Many people are moving away from the larger television news channels – they now piece together their news from various sources, things they are interested in. If people make a list of where they go to for information it has a spread impossible twenty years ago. Personally I like pure news reporting from agencies such as Reuters which report events rather than has a dulling ‘take’ on them. An interest in Middle east events means I visit Al Jazeera etc. But even these sources are not so important compared to the information coming from friends and acquaintances through media such as Facebook. What are multinationals up to that is against the public interest? apart from virtually everything of course. Is there a petition to sign on an issue that should be debated in parliament? all this comes through such media. Now it seems we are all the media and an intermediary is no longer necessary. An ‘impartial’ intermediary is seen as not so impartial anymore, especially when they seem increasingly lazy mouthpieces where a set process has blunted any investigative elan, cover up being easier than investigation. Naturally this is no reason to hand over such organisations to the usual suspects, then they really wouldn’t be impartial. So let’s all of us keep on being the media in our own small way and a new balance will be achieved made up of healthy developments and no doubt some not so healthy ones.


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