A New Era

I have begun to help crowd fund things I’m interested in. Reflecting my income I have set aside 200 Euros a year to fund in a small way things that come to my attention. It’s no more systematic than that, but boy does it give me a sense of making a difference. What catches my attention is saving significant buildings from terrible property developers, supporting arts events in an England, where being a philistine is all the rage in a country where such a sentiment has never gone out of fashion, and Wikipedia, or anything that distributes things which give people better opportunities outside of a commercial environment. I was particularly impressed with the crowd funding of projects Cat ads. where all adverts in a London Underground station were replaced by pictures of cats. In this way I can see how I’m operating differently and getting meaningfully involved in things people I don’t like are silent about.

On a more personal note given my technical limitations,(I was one of the last people not to have computers at school.) I continue to miss the publishing middleman out through my own organisation, or me and my organisation as I like to call it. It’s all part of my small attempt to help bring down the baleful influence of the mainstream and its increasingly negative effects both on information and creativity. I am glad to say it seems to be a mainstream which is getting smaller and smaller.

It’s a new era all-right, where things are different. Now if we could only sideline the increasing amount of people who are deliberately ignorant, and proud of the fact everything would be fine.

I am concentrating on getting more people to read my work, yet I am increasingly involved in the wider world as well. Such as making things like owning guns designed solely to kill people within civil society, making the creation of new forms of slavery through indentured labour, and inciting hatred illegal. Coincidentally these are all policies supported by world-wide right-wing Conservative parties.

I’ve become energized just as the forces for evil are gathering in force. I hope you are energized too.


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