Start Again

I like starting again, which is just as well because I always am. The second novel, a work of the ‘noughties’ modestly titled ‘The Harmony Of The World,’ Der Harmonie Der Welt in German should go up on site this year. The site itself is targeted to make me some money in 2017 with an overhaul. Some money coming through Pay Pal or another system would be nice. I also want to make the growing ‘oeuvre’ more widely available by putting it up on Amazon as well as other mouthpieces. Also a way for people to comment within reason, overwhelming praise is always acceptable. At the moment a Catalan is going through ‘Euphoria,’ the first novel looking for invisible commas, of which there are many. At present Euphoria is an interactive novel that you add your own punctuation to, though it reads fluently enough. On a more secular note I hope to set up a European Citizens Club, for people who support the European Union (not uncritically) as a basis for civilized communal behaviour with some disgruntled chums who live in Girona. I imagine a bit of a Wikipedia system where people donate what they think. Some politics, not too much, cultural coverage, European things etc. will be the rough arena it prances around in if it happens.


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