Writing a Film Script

Using the maxim, if you want to make something real, start doing it, I am now making a film. I don’t know how to make a film, but fortunately it seems to be a collaborative process. As Terry Gilliam said to a young Quentin Tarantino when he was mentoring him at the Sundance Festival – you don’t need to know how to make the film. All you need is the vision and be able to communicate it to other people. You then find those people with the skills who can make it for you.

I’ve got my cinematographer. The next person would be an editor, and I’ll need someone for sound too, but I’ve written the script, or at least talking it through with Pep I’ve come up with a second version of the script. Naturally I’ll direct. ‘Action – Cut. One of the two!’ Pith helmet, megaphone. ‘What are those people doing with 1930’s haircuts? I’m trying to film history here.’ With music I’d like a full symphonic score, but have decided to drop recorded music in where it’s needed in the film using needlepoint – the first inside the business word I’ve started to use now I understand what it means.

Funding, well everything costs something, but I have a budget in mind that if we keep everything as simple as possible for creating something wonderful we should be able to keep within. On my learning curve I’ve come across a useful piece of advice to bear in mind while making this masterpiece, ‘We all think we’re going to create Citizen Caine, and we all end up with something else.’


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