Phony Civil Cold War

I have spent two weeks in Yorkshire and other English Regions whose main positive was that it was ten centigrade cooler than in Girona. I quite enjoyed it. But underlying this pleasant coolness after about nine days was a low level annoyance with the place and after thirteen days satisfaction about going back to Girona the following morning. My work was done. My time was up. Now I’m sure I would be similarly annoyed with Catalonia if my Catalan was good enough to understand when people were complaining, but it isn’t so I aren’t. My Catalan is fine one to one and I’m quite able to get what I want, but I have little idea about the general chit-chat passing me by, and I hope to keep it that way. The main benefit to this ignorance is that it keeps my blood pressure low. My blood-pressure was something I could feel was on the rise over the two weeks staying in a place right in the middle of a phony civil cold war before the action starts. Everywhere felt like it was trying to avoid the consequences of its divisive actions. Certainly all the sheep with a nasty side who voted leave and hadn’t changed their minds were very silent about the prospect of everyone except the few becoming poorer and less free by handing over control to the multi-millionaires. All in all, after my holiday it was good to be back in a country where I don’t really know what is going on


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