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Tweet Tweet

With the ever greater need for content - we are all media channels now - I have extracted quick fire comedy tweets to send out and attract people to my site then convert them into followers. Not knowing exactly how this will work means it is all a bit suck it and see. But the good thing is I will find out by doing it whether people like it or not - hit the subscribe button, give me a like etc.


At this stage it looks like there will be two tweets a week which gives me material for two and a half years.(260 hilarious tweets are ready to go.) Two a week, ‘Tweet Tweet’ which means one hundred and four comic experiences for you lucky people a year. It’s a perfect balance because I produce about a hundred of the pesky creatures a year without having to force the pace, thus ensuring each quick fire comedy gag is lovingly hand crafted for the consumer. The kind of quick fire comedy you’ll get if your lucky is in the style of:


A: I sat on my mobile phone.

B: So much for facial recognition.




A: I’ve got a problem, I wonder if you can help?

B: Well I can try.

A: I’m a lot happier when you’re not around.


Anyway keep on the lookout for this new exciting steady stream,and don’t forget to… Oh you know what to do.


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