Inside the general malaise of bubbles and echo chambers I increasingly feel I’ve heard all my jokes before. Fortunately in the interests of breaking new ground, broadening things out and connecting up I can inflict them all on you. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can get a bit of cracking humour sent to you, and if it isn’t exactly what you were hoping for there’s not long to wait for another one. If you want them and what’s not to want? Just follow me on twitter @IanDuckworth007

As well as two a week in English there will also be a Catalan one going out on the Wednesday for those people who want it in Catalan so they can read -

A: La gent, tan egoista no és així.

B: Si, jo sóc.

Instead of

A: People, they’re so selfish aren’t they?.

B: Yes, I am.

Anyway, as we continue in the Quaternary period for who knows how long, what with the seventy-five percent species extinction coming over the next five-hundred years until a new geological epoch or even a period will have to be named to properly mark the self-inflicted catastrophe - Season’s Greetings!


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