We sort of know what someone means when they say something is surreal, but looking at our own present planetary position it could well be an entire world that makes sense in its own terms might be seen as completely surreal by an outsider - indeed, totally irrational to someone with a different point of view. It’s easy to quickly feel you are involved with something you are out of your depth in when it comes to surrealism.

Going around an exhibition on Surrealism in Girona I latched onto the idea that the objects displayed were actually structures for staying sane with.

Ah rationality - it seems what we’ve come to expect is really a recipe for going doolally, and people go insane over it all the time. R D Laing’s observation that insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world is something well argued. What makes sense doesn’t make any. The straight lines of the disorder of the system are just window dressing for what is fundamentally futile. What’s more it’s only Wednesday.

Leaving surrealism behind, I’m going to be going on a local tour doing a few comedy gigs in people’s kitchen’s. With the Spring, I’m thinking of becoming more venturesome, though being someone of vulnerable status I will never far away from a KN 95 mask. 


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