The Wind of Change

The Wind of Change

Lately has seemed like a prelude to going nowhere - an introduction to an introduction to an introduction, something that doesn’t do anything to improve the mood. Over time one dismal thing after another has become wearing, what with there being no feeling things are going to improve any time soon, or any sense of light at the end of the tunnel. If anything there seem to be more and more fools around who are becoming more and more dangerous.

To put things in a positive light, us not being these people, means we are bright, light, creative, outgoing folk, who are more often than not, a joy to be with. Even so, sometimes we need to do things differently, take a fresh approach, recharge the batteries.

Maybe this explains why after ten lovely years in the sunny south, I feel the need to make some changes. On top of what can only be called terrible times, we’ve had a Polar Vortex break down, which simply put means the spin to keep cold weather around the Arctic has lost its twist, and colder weather has slipped southwards, leaving the polar region warmer than they should be - global warming making for erratic meteorology. Now I’m not as resilient as I used to be to milder, shorter, Mediterranean winters, so next January, February and March I’m thinking of trying out a tropical island just to make sure I’m in tip top physical condition for what no doubt what will continue to test my patience. Comments Welcome. In the meantime, keep writing those novels, or if you’re not writing one at the moment, how about reading one of mine. You know where to go.


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